About Us 


Since 1998, Project Change has reached thousands of our area youth by empowering them with opportunities to be agents of change within their communities.



Project Change is a youth-driven, non-profit organization empowering middle and high school students to be agents for positive change within their communities through opportunities in the areas of youth health and safety, service, leadership, and theater arts.



  • Positive youth development is the key to a safe and healthy community

  • Effective partnerships are built on trust, consensus, and a collective belief in a common purpose

  • Giving back is a civic responsibility



  • PROJECT CHANGE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

  • Leadership of PROJECT CHANGE is shared by teens and adults

  • All PROJECT CHANGE activities are adult-supervised

Youth who join PROJECT CHANGE benefit in the following ways:

  • Gaining leadership experience

  • Learning new skills

  • Beginning a life-long commitment to community service

  • Making a difference in their community

  • Forming connections with community leaders (who may serve as college and/or employment references)

  • Achieving a greater understanding of the work that goes into sustaining a community

  • Developing greater empathy for other people and their circumstances

  • Having fun in safe, teen-planned and adult-supervised activities

  • Earning Student Service Learning credits