Student Testimonials 

Project Change has helped me to really step up and plan something for my community. My speaking and managing time skills have improved. Also I learned the most effective ways to raise awareness. My people skills have become better because I’ve been able to gain confidence in myself. 

Project Change has made me want to do more things in our community. I love working with people as a team and Project Change has provided me with amazing people. Our projects raise awareness for issues in our community and we all are working together to make an impact. 

Project Change helped me to get involved in the community. It was a great experience where we raised money for food kitchens and donated clothes. It was a great time to spend with friends while feeling good because you are helping people in need. Project Change is an awesome opportunity to help out your community.  

By taking part in Project Change I have learned how to better organizing and manage my time. I also learned that work can be fun and that seeing all your hard work pay-off is the best feeling ever. 

My two biggest takeaways from Project Change are an appreciation for community service and leadership. I surpassed my goal for service learning hours and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Also, the opportunity to lead groups and speak in front of groups has been invaluable in developing my confidence. I love Project Change!

Project Change has honed my leadership skills while fostering a compassion for service and a true empathy for others. Through Project Change I’ve been able to learn to lead through the simplest of actions and examples and that youth of any age are able to make a difference in their community.

Being apart of Project Change this year has taught and helped me in several ways. The organized events such as welcoming home soldiers and visiting animal shelters have really opened my eyes to all the good that should and can be done in the world. I've been told repeatedly to give back to my community and to help out, but the opportunities I've been given in Project Change have really allowed me to acquire real life experience interacting with all different types of people. I have been able to improve my social skills and my overall understanding of people. Project Change has also risen awareness to myself and my friends about all the opportunities there are to volunteer in our community. Being able to reach out and to help people has made me feel like a better person. I'm definitely eager to participate in more community service activities and look forward to being apart of Project Change again next year

My experience at Project Change really sets me apart from the rest of the students. Few students get to even find an organization that enables them to make a difference in the community in a variety of environments. The fact that Project Change gives students this exposure, as well as the opportunity to hold prestigious leadership positions at both the school and the organizational level, means a lot to the students involved.

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